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At the Tattoo and Piercing School of Canada, all our classes are held in a proper studio setting with our professional instructor. This provides you with ample hands-on experience in an authentic environment. During your training, you will shadow your instructor as she performs a variety of piercings on clients. You will also perform real piercings on others as early as day 1!


We teach the North American method of body piercing. This method is the industry standard in Canada and the USA, as it is more practical and safer than European and other methods. This is because the hollow razer point needle we use was designed specifically for safe and convenient piercing.

Man showing a process of piercing with steril medical equipment and latex gloves. Marking


Our piercing school is a 4-day course that includes theory and practice. We begin with education on health and safety practices and considerations for piercing artists. This includes:


This is a must-have essential in the piercing industry. If you want to pierce, you must have it! Therefore, our curriculum includes an official Bloodborne Pathogens exam on Day 1. Successful completion of the exam will grant you a Bloodborne Pathogens certificate.





Basic piercing practice begins on Day 1 and progresses through intermediate and advanced piercings on human models that will be provided by the school through our partnership with Exquizeet Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio.

Tool Kit

As part of your piercing school fees, you will receive a piercing starter kit, which includes two of every type of jewelry we teach you to use, as well as some basic tools and needles. The kit is yours to keep and use as the foundation of your piercing toolbox. The kit includes a basic tool and needle set as well as two:

  • corkscrew nose studs

  • flat back labrets

  • septum rings

  • curved barbell studs

  • belly rings

  • 16g barbells

  • industrial barbells

  • 14g barbells


Our piercing programmes are held almost weekly for 4 days, from Thursday to Sunday. They consist of a maximum of four students plus the instructor. Please consult the calendar below to see current availability. For dates further in the future, please contact us directly.

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Licensed by the City of Brampton for Tattooing and Piercing and Approved by Public Health Ontario, the Tattoo & Piercing School of Canada provides a safe and sterile environment for all our students.

Piercing Training Program

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Our instructor, Raychul, has been teaching and piercing since 1997. She trained under her mentor, Danni Action, who had 30 years of experience. Raychul has had over 1,000 students and is responsible for teaching the majority of other Body Piercing School instructors in Canada! She is the most experienced and most qualified Piercer and Teacher around! With a kind heart and welcoming personality, Raychul will be here to guide you through your entire experience.


The cost of the 4-day piercing training course at the Tattoo & Piercing School of Canada is $1,795 + HST. We offer two payment options:

Pay in Full

Pay $1,795 + HST at the time of booking and get the hassle out of the way early.


You can reserve your spot in the class by paying a non-refundable deposit of $500 + HST. The remainder of the balance ($1,295) is due on your start date.


All deposits ($500 + HST) are non-refundable after having finalized the booking; this applies to both payment options.

To reserve your spot and pay a deposit, or to pay via e-transfer, please contact us directly.

Discounts are limited to one per person, per course. They will be applied in person at the school via a refund.


$100 Dual Registration - Sign up for both the tattoo and piercing courses and you could receive $100 off each course.


$100 discount on any course

* This is the only discount that may be combined with another discount option.

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